Changing Seasons – Fall into Winter

The brilliant colours of fall are gone. Winter has already visited us.

Perhaps it’s time to go outside to explore the world of water. What’s it doing? Is there snow on the land or ice on the water? How about hoar frost?

Learn about the “Molecular Magic of Ice and Snow” from this resource posted by Learning for a Sustainable FutureResources for Rethinking. Find out why ice floats and why floating ice protects aquatic life below.

DSC_9895This page also has information on:

  • El Nino
  • Snow Buntings
  • Ducks that hang around until freeze-up
  • Which owls you’re most likely to hear in December
  • Christmas Bird Counts
  • The difference between Red and Grey Squirrel eating habits
  • How some conifers are shedding cones or releasing seeds
  • and a bit about the night sky

As you can see, there is a lot going on as the northern hemisphere heads toward deepfreeze.

Get out there to experience the not-so-sleepy winter environments!

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