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ACER (Association for Canadian Educational Resources) – “Educating communities to monitor and take ecological action in response to climate change.” This site has a wealth of Programs, Resources, and Publications and Research available. Their programs include Planting for Change (P4C); Measuring our Resources; Tracking for Success; Go Global; Youth Stewardship Project; and Let’s Plant, Measure and Mulch. Their programs are cross-curricular, and experiential-based.

Active Kids Club – A website of diverse resources such as Simple Outdoor Fun, Cooking With Nature, Fresh Air Living, Safety Reflectors, and more! Lots to discover at this site.

Adventureworks! “Our leading edge adventure program services create positive growth and change in individuals, groups, and organizations. We partner with our clients to create innovative adventure programs and facilities which enable people to develop greater understanding of themselves, build healthier relationships, exercise more effective leadership, and make a positive impact in their communities. We are accredited Professional Vendor Members of the Association for Challenge Course Technology.”


Back to Nature Network – committed to fostering our children’s connection with nature.

BEAN (Biodiversity Education and Awareness Network) – a collaborative network of groups and individuals representing private industry, formal and non-formal education, government, the environment and conservation. BEAN works to inspire and empower people to value and protect biodiversity.

bienenstock design and consulting inc. – a great place to start if you are interested in natural playgrounds, a recent trend in playground and park improvements.


CANSI (Canadian Association of Nordic Ski Instructors) – This non-profit organization is designed to promote and advance the sport of cross-country and telemark skiing in Canada through the provision of high quality instruction. CANSI offers four levels of certification in cross country techniques and three in telemark.

Council of Outdoor Educators of Ontario – As a professional body for outdoor educators in Ontario, COEO promotes safe and high quality outdoor education experiences for people of all ages. Their activities include the production of a professional journal, an annual conference, regional workshops, and other activities.



EECOM (The Canadian Network for Environmental Education and Communication)“Canada’s only national, bilingual, charitable network for environmental learning. EECOM works strategically and collaboratively to advance environmental learning to ensure Canadians are environmentally literate, engaged in environmental stewardship and contributing to a healthy, sustainable future. At a time when the environment and sustainability issues are a clear priority to Canadians, EECOM’s role is more important than ever before.”

EEON (Environmental Education Ontario) – Their vision: “An Ontario where every individual adopts behaviours that reflect a commitment to a healthy, sustainable environment for future generations.” Their Mission: “Environmental education is essential to create a culture of sustainability. To help achieve our vision, EEON will: Identify the state of environmental education in Ontario (knowledge, attitudes, and behaviours), and Work with relevant partners to ensure that people in all sectors have access to environmental education that is rich, meaningful, and relevant to their needs.”



KidActive – “Inspired by the critical need to address immediate physical and mental health issues facing Canada’s young people, KidActive was founded to foster the development of healthy kids, communities and outdoor environments.” Well said, and well worth checking out!



Ontario Nature – Their goals are to protect, connect, advocate and educate the public about the environment, its protection, and its threats. There are a number of free resources on a wide range of topics available on their website.

ORCKA (Ontario Recreational Canoeing and Kayaking Association) – This canoe and kayak skill certification organization provides a wide range of instruction for paddlers. You can earn certification levels in basic skills, Canadian Style paddling, canoe tripping, river running (for tripping), and moving water. ORCKA instructors can also deliver a 3-hour safe canoeing program to ensure your novice paddling experiences are safe and enjoyable. They also offer certification for camp canoeing instructors to ensure quality program delivery at summer camps. And for skilled paddlers who’d like to share their talents, there are instructors courses in each of the areas listed above.

Ontario Trails Council – THE go-to site for outdoor activities and locales. Click the Activities tab to see just how great Ontario is for outdoor activities. We’ve got it all in Ontario!



RBG (Royal Botanical Gardens) – the largest botanical garden in Canada, a National Historic Site, and registered charitable organization with a mandate is to bring together people, plants and nature.



Treks in the Wild – Canoe and Kayak rentals, guided trips on the Grand River, guided backcountry canoe trips, backpacking trips, snowshoe adventures, and more! Check them out.



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