Outdoor Experiential Education (OEE)

Obviously, it’s outdoors. And just as obviously, learning is involved. Experiential means learning by doing. It’s that simple.

And yet, outdoor experiential education means many things to many people. Certainly, teaching students in the outdoors – whether in a schoolyard or at an outdoor education centre – is OEE. But so is the canoeing program at a summer camp. And a seniors group taking cross country ski lessons. So is taking your own kids outside to have fun. Likewise, letting a novice navigator on a canoe trip make mistakes so that you pass by your intended portage or campsite is also OEE. Virtually anything you do outdoors is OEE.

This begs the question, then – is everything you do outside OEE? Obviously not. Shovelling your driveway isn’t, but shoveling snow in a pile to make a quinzee is.

(To be continued…)

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