Using the Outdoors More Effectively

Research over the past few decades has shown the many benefits of spending time outdoors. Specific to education, getting your students outdoors improves short term memory, reduces anxiety and depression, reduces the symptoms of ADHD and reduces bullying in the school setting. The benefits go well beyond these measures! However, there could be barriers to getting students outdoors. Let’s explore the Benefits, Barriers and Basics of Outdoor Learning through a free 15-minute presentation at your next staff meeting.

It All Comes Naturally can also offer custom-designed workshops for your staff – for all, by division, or by subject – to help you make better use of the resources close at hand. We can create an inventory of your schoolyard and other local natural areas, and suggest curriculum-based learning opportunities for them. As well, we’ll let you know about the wonderful outdoor education and nature centres in your area.

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