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ORCKA It All Comes Naturally is an organization member of ORCKA – the Ontario Recreational Canoeing and Kayaking Association – which is a nationally recognized organization promoting paddling and the interests of paddlers in Ontario. Established in the mid-1970’s, it promotes the development of safe, competent and knowledgeable recreational canoeists and kayakers. ORCKA certifies instructors in a wide range of skills including Basic, Moving Water, River Running and Tripping in both the Canoeing and Kayaking disciplines. ORCKA also offers the Safe Canoeing Program, as well as the new Voyageur Program.

It All Comes Naturally has offered certification courses to students in the e3 program at Pauline Johnson Collegiate in Brantford, summer staff and campers for the Grand River Conservation Authority, guides with Treks in the Wild, and counsellors-in-training at Sparrow Lake Camp. Courses have been taught at Conservation areas, summer camps, and even on canoe trips! You name the time and place – we’ll come to you, (additional travel expenses may apply).

It All Comes Naturally can offer you the Safe Canoeing Program, a three-hour course to get you safely started on your life-long journey into the joys of paddling.

For those who are looking to develop skills further, It All Comes Naturally offers Basic Canoeing certification at four levels: Levels 1-3 for tandem paddling, and Level 4 for solo paddling. Each successive level demands more skills at higher levels. Lots of time is required to develop skills, so beginner paddlers shouldn’t expect to be able to become expert paddlers in one season.

Newly added: For those interested in finding out what canoe tripping is all about, It All Comes Naturally now offers the Introduction to Canoe Tripping Program which is intended for paddlers who have never gone on a canoe trip. This four to five hour program covers the basic safety information you need to be aware of.

Newly added: For those interested in developing canoe tripping skills, you can take the Canoe Tripping Level 1 certification program. This course is includes 16 or more hours of instruction plus an overnight canoe trip. Participants will gain sufficient skills to participate comfortably, safely and actively on canoe trips, typically led by more experienced leaders.

Course lengths and costs are as follows:

Course                                    Length                                     Cost*                     

Intro to Safe Canoeing         3 hours (no cert.)                    $30/person

Basic Level 1 Tandem           5 hours                                     $50/person

Basic Level 2 Tandem           4 additional hours                  $40/person

Basic Level 3 Tandem           4 additional hours                  $40/person

Basic Level 4 Solo                  12 additional hours                $90/person

Introduction to Canoe Tripping – 4 to 5 hours (no cert.)   $40/person

Canoe Tripping Level 1         16+ hours and 1 night trip    please contact us

Assessment of Skills**         1-2 hours                                  $25/person

* Cost is for instruction only. Supply your own canoe, or rent one for a discounted price. Entrance fees to Provincial Parks or Conservation Areas is extra, depending on course location. Discounts are available to family groups, school groups, camps, community organizations and corporate groups.

** Not sure what Basic skills course to take? We’ll run you through a quick assessment of tandem and solo skills to see what level you’re at. The cost of your assessment will be deducted from whatever course you take.

Instructor to student ratios are 1:10 for Basic 1-3 (tandem); 1:5 for Basic 4 (solo); 1:8 for Canoe Tripping 1.

If we haven’t answered all your questions here, please contact us at info@iacn.ca.


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