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Spring is delayed…

Spring Error Message

You may feel as though spring will never arrive, but you’ve got to admit – it has been a great winter for those who love winters, (myself included). However, spring will eventually get here. Gray Jays in Algonquin Provincial Park started building nests in February, and the sun — even at -18 C — is melting snow on the roads and rock faces. Spring skiing, (cross country, of course), and snowshoeing will be glorious this year!

If you are an educator, Resources 4 Rethinking has some great ideas for spring activities. Check out “The Sap is Rising” at http://resources4rethinking.ca/en/step-outside/nature-guides/page/early-march-2014. There you’ll find a bunch of ideas for getting yours students outside to experience the wonders of the spring season.

It won’t be long before we start to see this:


So get out there daily! Have your students record daily temperatures and take photographs of the schoolyard as it transforms to the green of spring. A camera set up in one position can be used to create a stop-motion movie of the transformation. Try it, and post it here for all to see!

Have an adventurous and exciting spring!